Friday, August 20, 2010

Blended Ice Coffee

Good things are about to happen in my kitchen.
good things.

It's going to involve this coffee.

And these espresso cubes.

And this Jersey Milk. (If John doesn't eat it first.)

And this french press. And probably some whip cream. 
Because whip cream makes the world go 'round. It also keeps cardiologists employed. 

But don't worry too much about that today. It's Friday, you deserve a big, fat, delicious treat to end your week and start your weekend.

Especially if it comes in the form of coffee and chocolate.

Coffee and Chocolate: God's very special creations put on this earth just for my enjoyment.

I love special creations.

This is my bender with espresso cubes floating about- just thought I'd make that clear.

Let something good happen in your kitchen.

Blended Ice Coffee
Serves 2
(An Original Recipe)

4 oz espresso (Jus Juiced in Revelstoke makes the best espresso!)
3/4 cup strong brewed coffee, warm
1/4 cup whip cream
1/4 cup brown sugar
6 Jersey Milk squares or chocolate syrup to taste - about 2 tbsp
4 ice cubes

1. Make your espresso cubes. Add 4oz of water to the espresso and pour into an ice cube tray. Freeze until solid.
2. Pour coffee into blender. Add Jersey Milk squares or chocolate syrup. The heat from the coffee should melt the chocolate.
3. Add whip cream, brown sugar, espresso cubes and ice cubes.
4. Blend until smooth.

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