Sunday, February 5, 2012

Renovating Jesse's Kitchen

Of course! The week I promise to keep my blog updated....

We do this to the kitchen:

Jesse's Kitchen is being renovated - literally.
And it's waaaaayyyy more intense than I expected.

I have such a hard time making choices to being with and now I'm trying to choose between infinite paint colors, trillions of countertop options and flooring?!?... Please tell me this is all going to turn okay! One day (possibly this lifetime) I will have my kitchen back?

Here's a picture pre-ripping apart of the kitchen. This picture was taken in about the same spot as the above picture. We removed the wall and cabinets which really makes the kitchen look bigger.

So umm.... needless to say there's not a lot of cooking or baking going in there. Which is going to equal infrequent posts (again) for awhile. I'm sure once the improved kitchen is up and running I'll be so excited I'll bombard you with pictures and unwanted information about it so yeah.... be prepared!

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